What does the Theta Chamber℠ treat?

      At the Theta Wellness Center, we are passionate about helping you shed the burdens that keep you from fully enjoying life. Traditional care, including drugs and talk therapy often fail because anxiety, depression and addiction all result from imbalanced brain chemistry. Flooding the brain with synthetic drugs does not fix what is wrong and can cause other imbalances and side-effects that often make matters worse. Talking about the problem may help temporarily, but it does not change the neurology.

      At the Theta Wellness Center, our scientific approach to holistic brain health combines multiple, cutting-edge treatments to give you the best possible results. We have spent over 20 years researching perfecting neurological modalities that are shown to begin normalizing brain chemistry within minutes, not months!

      Our unique 21-28 day treatment may help with:

      Your treatment at the Theta Wellness Center is relaxing and positive. In fact, you may even fall asleep during treatment. If you do, great! You'll awaken feeling refreshed and alert. Best of all, we do not use any drugs or medications, so side-effects are non-existent. When you join us, you will find out what so many of our clients already know – when your brain feels good, everything feels better!